"I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon this occupation of "traveling worship leader".  I guess, like many things in life, it just happened.  I started out singing on the worship team at my dad's church as a teenager, and here I am a few (ahem) years later, and God has brought me to places I never would have imagined.  I don't only mean geographically, but He has taken my soul on a journey filled with deep valleys and lofty peaks that I never could have conquered alone.  He has proven His Word to be true in my life, and the songs that I write are like landmarks dotting the roads I have traveled.    I have found that writing music is a healing process in and of itself.  I often can't put into words the depths of despair, or heights of joy I am feeling.  Yet, in a moment, God will write a new song in me that articulates and defines precisely what is stirring in my heart at that very moment.  My desire is that my music, speaking, writing and my life will show that I am an imperfect person wanting to reflect God in all that I do."


Shannon is a passionate worship leader and dynamic speaker.  She is available for women's retreats, conferences, and special events.


we come

by shannon quintana
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start where you are

by Shannon Quintana