Window Seat

It was a long flight to California from Vietnam last week. Our first flight was 6 hours from Saigon to Seoul, Korea. We were flying through dense clouds as we traveled over Taiwan. Have you ever flown through the inside of clouds? You know when you can’t actually see the clouds, you’re just inside of them and the white is so blinding that you have to shut your window shade? Well it had been that way most of the flight thanks to the recent typhoon that had blown through there a few days earlier. I kept lifting my shade about an inch waiting for the clouds to clear enough, so I could peer out the window without temporarily being blinded, and disturbing all the other passengers who were happy to watch their movie in darkness. When I have a window seat, I am literally like a kid who….well a kid who has a window seat! I never lose the awe of flying over the earth and gazing at it from above. Finally my moment came.

Once we pushed through the clouds, I inched my shade open and what I saw was truly indescribable! It was as if we were in the Grand Canyon, but rather than shades of red and brown rock, we were surrounded by massive clouds of all shapes. The sun was setting behind us and was casting shades of pink, purple, and blue on the clouds that were under us, to the side of us and towering over us. It was truly breathtaking!

I opened the camera on my phone and took about a dozen photos and a few videos trying to document this amazing sight so I could (obviously) Instagram it later. But, as I peered at this cloud canyon through the camera lens, it suddenly lost it’s luster. The clouds weren’t as bright, the shapes seemed to shrink. I realized that the wonder of this moment couldn’t be captured through a 1” x 1” pic captioned with a catchy hashtag that would reside between a photo of someone’s dinner and someone else’s outfit of the day.

I felt God calling me, whispering to me that this moment was for us and us alone. Call it selfishness, or insanity, but I believe that this stunning canyon of clouds was created just for me. I could not take my eyes off that window as I craned my neck trying to capture every bit of the scene I could from a tiny airplane window. (Please tell me when someone invents an airplane with a fully transparent moon roof). Suddenly I felt special, more so than anyone else on that plane or anywhere else in the world for that matter. I was reminded that my God loves me enough to create beautiful things for me to simply enjoy. Things that help me remember how small I am and just how big He really is. Sights that help me remember that He holds my heart safely and securely in His hands. That I am not forgotten, alone or misunderstood by Him. My heart was His priority and He was romancing me.

I saw a quote on Pinterest awhile back that read “Make memories nobody else knows about”. I encourage you to make new memories with your Creator today. Capture a memory that only the two of you share, one that is so beautiful that it can’t be described. It will be one you can hold close to your heart and reminisce about, until the next time He sweeps you off your feet with His great, unfathomable love for you.

(Note: I do have many pictures of my encounter in Cloud Canyon, but none of them would do it justice.)