The Bible isn't boring, you're boring

Don’t be offended by the title of this post.  It’s a quote from one of my favorite speakers Levi Lusko.  He was teaching and was noting how amazing the Word of God is and out came the quote “the Bible isn’t boring, you’re boring”.  I mean how many times have you sat down with your Bible, yellow highlighter, notebook and worship music with the full intention of getting in some really great time with God, only to be left feeling like you’re sitting in a lecture on quantum physics.  You don’t understand it, you don’t want to read it, you want to close the book and do something less demanding, like looking at your Instagram feed, again.

Truth be told, on most days, I am more interested in reading a People magazine than I am in reading my Bible.  Hold on!  Wait, don’t stop reading yet, keep on going…eyes on the screen…there you go.  Please know that I have a full understanding of how wrong that statement is.  I also want you to note that I didn’t say that I choose this magazine over the Word of God, I simply said my human brain always wants the easy way.  For this reason, glossy pages filled with photoshopped pictures, less than meaningful articles, and the “Stars!  They’re just like us” portion sounds WAY more fun than chewing on the book of Leviticus.  

Here’s the truth, there is a constant battle for our hearts, minds and souls.  The enemy (that’s the devil) is a stinking liar and wants us to believe that we will gain much more insight for life if we read about celebrities and their pets than we will if we dig into God’s word.  Wait a minute…this Book was written in God’s own words for us because He knew every single thing we would face in our lives, from beginning to end!  Don’t we all wish someone would write a song about us?  God went above and beyond (as always) and wrote a whole book for us!  I know, it’s pretty special.

We shouldn’t only read it because it’s written just for us, and because we need it to get us through the tough times in life.  This book is EXCITING!  There are battles won, battles lost, kings, queens, creatures that fly, enemies that die, people that sin, and a God that wins.  Ok, I didn’t set out to rhyme, it just happened, sorry.  But seriously, if we recognize how amazingly exciting God’s word can be, it will come alive!  Be honest with God.  If you’re bored and would rather spend an hour on Pinterest, tell Him!  It’s not as if He doesn’t already know, the way you sigh and roll your eyes is giving you away.  Give it 10 minutes, and expect to be inspired, enlightened and blown away by this amazing Book that is just waiting to be read.  Don’t be boring, go read your Bible!