Cleaning out the fridge

You’re hungry!  You open up the refrigerator looking for something to eat.  Searching around, you pull out something that is devoid of any color other than grey and say “What on earth is this?”  You can’t remember cooking this questionable substance, much less eating something so ghastly.  Against your better judgement, you gently peel back one corner of the container’s lid to take a whiff of this mysterious stuff and are almost bowled over by its putrid stench.   How did it get there, how long has it been there, and do you like the container enough to clean it out, or is it worth sacrificing?  It’s amazing when you start searching through your fridge, how many other mystery items you find.  I know that I’ve found my fair share of science experiments growing in mine! Every now and then, you just need to pull the trash can over, and start cleaning out the moldy peaches, brown lettuce, and that leftover casserole that wasn’t even really good the first time. 

I have time set aside every day to read my Bible, and pray, yet I seem to get pulled away by menial tasks such as laundry, dishes, or walking the dog.   Laundry is easy, mindless work that I can do without much brain power.  Why is it so easy to get distracted by these meaningless things?  God has so many amazing things to show me, but He wants to change those parts of me that are in His way.  Spending time with Jesus involves looking inside, digging, searching, and often…not liking what we find.  Much like cleaning out the refrigerator, when we really stop and look into the deepest part of our hearts, we usually find how broken we really are as people.  Seeing what is really inside of us makes us say “Whoa!  What is that?  How long has it been here, and now what do I do with it?”  

The Bible says that God’s unchanging plan has always been to restore us to Himself!  (Ephesians 1:5)  In order to do this, He needs to reveal every little bit about us.  We need to be opened up, and cleaned out so that God can rid us of anything and everything that might be keeping us from fulfilling our purpose of being restored to our Savior.  The bottom line is, we are a depraved, desperate people.  We can never ever be perfect, no matter how much we strive for it.  Even the good works that we do can still reek of self-entitlement, often having attitude that says “well, I did something good for God, and now He will bless me.”  God’s Word says that He blesses and rewards those who sincerely seek Him.  It doesn’t say that if we scratch His back, He’ll scratch ours.  We so often look at God as our ATM, thinking that if we put in the right numbers, and the right amount of time, He’ll give us exactly what we want.  God has so much more for us than that!  Following God isn’t about what He is going to get for us, it’s not about being on the naughty or nice list, as if Jesus is our Santa Claus.  When we open ourselves up to Jesus, and allow Him to look inside, our goal should be to make more room for Him, room for Him to spread out and take over!  It’s only God who can make us completely and totally cleansed.  We don’t need more space, we need to make space.  Getting rid of what shouldn’t be to make room for what should.

Will you give God the time and the attention it takes for you to see what’s really inside.  Will you give Him free reign to come in, rummage around, and find some things that need to be purged?   Don’t be shocked when you find something in there that you didn’t even know existed.  Don’t be scared to open up every nook and cranny of your heart and mind to Jesus.  He has no qualms about throwing out the junk doesn’t belong, to make room for what does.