Ain't No Shame

There is nothing wrong with not being OK from time to time.  Guess what? We’re all far from OK sometimes.  Despite our smiles and happy verbal exchanges there may be silent, hidden tears.
Where do you go when you’re not OK?  Of course, as a Christian I know I can go straight to God and ask for strength, healing or whatever else may be lacking in my heart.  Sometimes though…we need someone…a person who is standing in front of you, holding out their hand, hugging you tight and telling you that your hurt makes them hurt, and that they have hope even when you don’t.
A true friend is a priceless gift.  One that takes time, investment, transparency and honesty.  The trick though, is finding the right person.   As Christians, we want to be sure we are receiving Godly counsel and wisdom.  You can’t just go spilling your guts with anyone, because you may get bad advice, or some may call you downright crazy.   Ah, but a true friend…one who knows you and loves you, will see your craziness and remind you that you’re sane.  True friends are irreplaceable.  
So, my only point in writing today is to say…ain’t no shame in needing a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on, we all need it sometimes.  Just choose the hand, or the shoulder wisely.