Open Conversation

Back in the old days, I would write letters to my friends.  I used fancy pens, sprayed the notebook paper with perfume, decorated it with hearts and poured out my heart on those pages.  Most likely cute boys were the overwhelming topic.  It was an accomplishment if I had to struggle to fold the pages over because I had gone on writing page, after page, after page.  I still love writing letters, but if I write more than a paragraph, my rusty old hands cramp up due to lack of writing anything on paper anymore.  The hard part about snail mail correspondence was that you had to wait for the recipient to write back, and sometimes it seemed to take forever!  But these days...our precious hands can rest while our thumbs do all the work, because nowadays, we text! 


In texting, we can get immediate responses to our messages! I do have the rare friends who don’t get back to me for days, but the majority of my friends and I have an open conversation all day long.  Messages don’t start with “My Dearest Bethany”.  The text’s opening consist of something like

“so, wanna hang today...”

“by the way that color looked great on you!”

”...also, you’re my favorite”

In an open conversation, you just pick up where you left off!  You don’t have to say hi or bye, you just start texting.  


This is the exact same type of conversation God wants to have with you!  You talk, He listens...or He talks, you listen.  You don’t have to worry about him ignoring your message, He has said that if you talk to Him, He will listen!  (Jeremiah 33:3)

Isn’t it annoying when people don’t answer your messages?  As I pondered this open communication with God, I many times I had ignored one of his messages?  Ouch! 


I want to have a constant conversation with God every single day.  I don’t ever want it to stop!  He has things to tell me, and I for sure have things to tell Him!  I’m afraid it’s probably a one sided conversation more often than not.  But wow, you guys!  God WAITS to hear from us!  And I imagine that when I finally do tune my ear to hear Him he has SOOO much to tell me & I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a few messages.  


If you’ve missed a few messages or haven’t heard from God lately, maybe it’s time to start that conversation up again.  Start with something like  

“, wanna hang today?”