He's Got This

I'm just going to get to the point today.  Sometimes life just sucks.  We all know this, but we don't say it because it seems unspiritual.  But that's the truth, there ya go, I said it for you.  You're welcome.


Things don't go as planned.  Disappointment comes.  Despair follows close behind.  Then what?


Here's the deal you guys:  God created the entire universe.  He knows every intricate part of how it all holds together.  Things that scientists can't figure out, God knows.  He must sit up in Heaven and say "Aww, look at those cute scientists trying to figure it all out, I can't wait to tell them one day".


He also created you.  

He knows you.  

He loves you. 

He sees you.  

He knows what may be ripping your heart out.  

He knows that you wish you could scream from the rooftops "I AM NOT OK!"   

And one more really important thing to remember. . .

He's got this.


Doesn't matter how big or how small your crisis is, it's still your crisis, and it is so very real.  I get it.  It's hard to explain because people want to understand but they can't.  You have to carry on with life, smile when you don't want to, laugh when you want to cry, and pretend when you have to be real. (Because let's be honest, you can't be real everywhere and with everyone).

But in the midst of crisis, it comforts me to know that God thinks about me more than I think about Him.  Psalm 139 says that the amount of times God thinks about me can't be numbered, that if I could count them, it would add up to more than the grains of sand.  That's just a stupid amount of thoughts for little old me!

He thinks about me more than I think about Him

Sometimes we don't need a big revelation, or a long Scripture, we just need to know that God is still thinking about us.  Let me reassure you today, like He reassured me, He is absolutely thinking about you today, like a lot.

"That's just a stupid amount of thoughts for little old me"