That's my jam!

My last post was about my recent battle with depression.  I can't tell you how many people responded saying that they could relate, asking for prayer, and saying they were praying for me too!  I just knew that speaking out about something as real as my own depression would cause people to come out from the shadows and be real about their own struggles!  It was amazing how almost immediately upon posting that blog, it felt as if the fog began to lift.  You know what I mean?  I've heard it said that when a secret is no longer a secret it loses its power over you.  Well, that proved true after being transparent with you all!


It was like coming back to the land of the living, or joining the party that was already going on.  I was kind of like this little girl who was in a dead sleep, but then they played her jam!  (which coincidentally is also indeed my jam)   She didn't even know she was missing such a great dance party, until her favorite song came on.  Once she heard it loud and clear, she danced with those sweet slippers like no one was watching.  (my favorite way to dance).


So, I guess with this blog, I want to challenge you a little bit.  Transparency isn't something that comes easy, but it gives freedom.  Freedom from trying to live up to who people think you are.  Freedom from who you wish you were.  Freedom to be who you are in the moment knowing that your life is held safe and secure in the palm of the Creator's hands.  Hiding in the shadows never got anybody anywhere.  You know who hides in the shadows?  Those who don't want to be found, and also cat burglars, they hide in shadows too.  Since I am assuming that most of you are not dressed in all black with a black ski mask waiting to burglarize a Circle K, then I'll go with the first thought.  Do you not want to be found...or found out?  Can I be real with you for a second.  God knows, cherishes and desires the real you.  He desires for you to be found.  He knows that when we isolate and lurk in the shadows of depression, fear, anxiety and the like, we will get further and further from the light that He offers to shine into that darkness.


God knows, loves, cherishes and desires the real you

Don't misunderstand me.  I'm not challenging you to start a blog, post it on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  I am challenging you to open up to ONE person.  Choose one person who is close enough to know your heart, and love you enough to listen without judgement.  Maybe you think you don't have one person that you can really be open with.  Chances are, you probably have more than one person, who would love to listen, if you gave them the chance.  Sometimes we assume people will judge us before we even give them a chance, and trust them to be a great friend.  BUT, if you really don't have one safe person in your circle of friends, I am absolutely here.  Click here to get in touch with me directly, I would absolutely love to hear from you.  I mean it!  I want you to experience the freedom I felt when I took off my giant backpack called "Depression".  Yours may have a different name, maybe it's fear, anxiety, sin, your past experiences, or maybe it's that awful ex-boyfriend's name.  No matter what it's called, it's heavy isn't it?  I would love to help you unload that heaviness just by simply being a safe, listening ear.  


Until then, turn up your jam and get your dance on!