Try to Stay

I'm a runner.  Not a marathon runner.  I run from life.  I run when things get hard.  I run away when I don't know how to fix something.  I'm like "yep, I'm out."


"Not Good Enough" by Joy Williams  is an inspiring song for runners like me. It's a story of staying when it's hard.  Of looking how far you've come & pushing forward even and especially when it hurts.  


don’t you try to look away
don’t try to leave
try to stay

-Joy Williams




Trying to stay takes so much more courage and straight up gumption than trying to leave.  An amazing relationship has been tested by fire, and has come out like pure gold.  Does it get tarnished from time to time...yes, of course!  But all it needs is some time and hard work and you can have that gold shining again.  


Thats the the catch isn't it. The choice to work hard.  The choice to stay.  


Heres the deal friends.  Ultimately, our choice is nothing without the power of God working in our lives to make the hard work possible. And it all comes back to love.  Not our human love, but God's love.  God's unwavering, unending love for us makes us capable of loving another human deeper than we ever thought we could.  When our heart more than anything wants to run, our knowledge of God and the wisdom from God should remind us that we can stay, we can work hard.  


there is no fear in love
perfect love casts out all fear
-1 John 4:18-

I have proven time and time again that I can't perfectly love anyone, not even my dog.  Only God can do that.  And when I choose to love God back, he makes me capable to love, He gives me the desire to be faithful, and He gives me the strength to stay again, even if I've already laced up my running shoes.