What is God to you?

While everyone else is talking about the bare red cups from Starbucks, I've got my mind on something that i dare say is a lot more important. That being said, I am pretty darn sure that buying a cup of coffee from an establishment regardless of what embellishments are, or are not present on said disposable cup (that will eventually end up in the trash) will not keep you from getting into Heaven.  Ok, now that that is out of the way, here's what's got me thinking.


I've heard more than a few people recently say things like "to you God may be Jesus, to someone else God may be a tree, or God may be the smile on their baby's face."  I've heard people say that there is a Scripture in the Bible that says this very thing.  And that motivating, self-helpisms are pretty much the same as Scriptures in the Bible.  Back the heresy truck up...what?!  Not. The. Same.  


I'm sure this belief has been around forever, and I am just late in the game, but here's what I have to say, for what it's worth.  Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God can be whatever suits you best.  Nowhere does it say that God is a tree, or God is a sunset, or God is a rushing river, or a baby's smile. Sure, if you get outside when you're having a tough day and watch the sunset, you will feel refreshed.  If you dip your toes into a refreshing river on a hot day, you will feel energized.  And no one ever looked into a baby's face, saw them smile and didn't feel their heart warmed instantly.  But none of those things on their own will do you any good when you need help, guidance or wisdom in life.  None of those things will come to your rescue when you need it.  But God, who created the world, and everything in it, (including you) CAN rescue you!  


See, we get things a little mixed up.  Think of it this way:  Let's say you walked into an art gallery and admired a beautiful sculpture.  Then you began telling the sculpture what a good job it had done.  You just showered it with praise at the way it was chiseled so perfectly, and how no detail was spared.  Now imagine the sculptor himself came up and said "do you like it?  I created this!"  Let's just say that you whipped your head around, gave the sculptor a quick once-over, and a disapproving glance as if to say "Do you mind?!" and then continued on telling the sculpture what a great sculpture it was?  It is the same thing when we call creation "God".  Not only is it an insult to the very Creator of the entire Universe, but when we rely on something/someone that can offer us no help in time of need, we will be sorely disappointed.


Beyond that, I truly believe that Satan is stoked when we allow ourselves to believe tiny bits and pieces of the Bible, usually the ones that fit into our life.  Because a lie that is sandwiched between some truth seems a lot more believable.  And as long as he can keep us busy making motivating posters with quotes we found on Pinterest instead of reading God's Word for help and guidance, then we aren't much of a worry for him.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good quote from Pinterest.  My favorite is the one Abraham Lincoln wrote that said "Don't believe everything you read on the internet just because there's a picture with a quote next to it."  (wink, wink) 

a lie that is sandwiched between some truth seems a lot more believable


The Bible is not a cut and paste art project.  I believe it truly is the Word of God and it is for YOU!  If you're looking for a Scripture in the Bible that says that we all see God differently, that I may think of Him as a tree, you may see Him as a bubbling brook, blah blah blah...you won't find one.  What you will find is a verse in Romans that talks about His creation, and the way it proves God's very existence, so that none of us has an excuse to not believe in Him!  I encourage you to go give Romans 1: 20-32 a read when you have a minute.  It gives us a glimpse into just how slippery the slope of watering down God's Word, and denying His very existence can be.  Don't believe it just because I said so, go read it for yourself.


Complete in Jesus,



For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God



A glimpse of my recent trip to Israel.  Just a little bit of proof that God is real & His creation is stunning!  

A glimpse of my recent trip to Israel.  Just a little bit of proof that God is real & His creation is stunning!